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Website Design NJ

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Website Design NJ

Fecha alta: May 13, 2009 12:34:04 PM
Author: H. Stein
Categoría: Internet
An effective website is the cornerstone of a good marketing plan.

Our business cards, stationary, advertising, vehicles, etc. should have the URL to your website.

A professional website helps potential customers make an informed decision to do business with you.According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking February-April 2006 survey, 73% of American adults use the Internet.

At the time of the survey this represents approximately 147 million people. 91% of those Internet users used a search engine to find information online. Just having a website is not good enough it needs to be professional and help close business.

There are four important components to an effective website:Esthetics: How does your website look? A finished website must have a professional appearance. The branding elements and color scheme should be well coordinated and visually appealing.

All individual visual design elements and typography must fit into the overall design and be presented within a clear visual hierarchy. Clear visual cues and accents identify key content and help the user navigate the site.Content: What is this website about? The message must be clear and concise. All text should be fine tuned for the web as its own form of media. A well done website builds confidence that you are the right person to do business with.

Brochures and other printed media must be converted into a format that engages users to action on the web.Usability: Is this website easy to use? All websites should follow the established set of standardized best practices for building websites which enhance accessibility and intuitiveness. For example, does a web link look like a web link? Sounds like an obvious statement, but far too often this web standard is neglected and replaced with over-styled elements.

A usable site is one that provides consistency in experience without making the user wonder “how do I do that?”Marketing: Will they find us? People must find and use your site for it to be effective.

The most elegant website that goes with no traffic is meaningless to its owner. Marketing a website has a technical and traditional facet. A website must be developed to technical standard in order for search engines to easily index its content and determine what categories and keywords apply to it. This is extremely important because the majority of Internet users use a search engine to find what they are looking for.

A well designed website that is locked into the market place will pay dividends for many years. The internet provides a great opportunity if leveraged effectively. Can you business afford not to be effectively represented on the Internet?If you need a professional Website Designing Company that can look into the above aspects and provide services that can help your website get you the needed results contact Internet Marketing NJ.

Internet Marketing NJ is a professional Internet Marketing and Web Design Company based in Central New Jersey. We specialize in effective Website Design, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, and Corporate Identity.

For more information on Website Design NJ visit Internet Marketing NJ  or email info@internet-marketing-nj.com
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